The Cooking Workshop: The true taste of the country cuisine

…… would you like to learn how to bake some delicious leven bread in the bread oven ?
how to make ”the country – made” butter, some cottage cheese, pierogi and the traditional
Polish dish – Bigos ?
Our landlady has prepared a series of cooking workshops to teach you how to prepare
these regional delicacies.

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The Outline of the Programme:

The Programme lasts about 4h and is realized for at least 4 people. It includes the practical
learning of baking and cooking, and after the workshop we invite our guests to lunch
combined with the tasting of what has been baked or cooked during the workshop.
The price: 20 euro\per
The organiser: Agrotourist- Household “Szczęśliwa 13” Cracow -Jurczyce

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